Standard Technical Applied Resources, Inc.

    Standard Technical Applied Resources (STAR) is an innovator of product development for the high technology industrial arena.  STAR is unsurpassed in its abilty to meet the demands of businesses while solving the issue of environmental problems by providing earth-friendly inks, release agents, lacquers, saturants, cleaners and solvents and dye solutions.  STAR is able to satisfy all industry demands by providing both stock items as well as custom formulated products for specific application requirements.

    With its corporate headquarters located in Linden, New Jersey, STAR utilizes four production plants throughout the state with stocking distributors in the West, Midwest and in New England.  Our current market segments include the aerospace, communications, appliance manufacturing, defense contracting, building/home decor and environmental resources industries. Our client base includes:

Westinghouse Corp.
Texas Instruments
GE Corp.
Dept. of the Navy
ITT Corp.
3M Corp.
US Army Electronics Command
US Army Signal Corps
Cessna Corp.
Belden Corp.

    With over three hundred active propriety formulations on the market, STAR maintains a leadership position in the wire and cable industry. STAR's technically proven formulations are used extensively by the Wire & Cable Industry for color coding, printing and product identification.  One of the major advantages of STAR's products, when used in a marking identification process, are their versatile nature.  They can be used on virtually any type of surface including EPDM, PE, PVC, Styrene, Kynar, Hylar, XLPE, Silicone, Teflon, FEP, Tefzel(both irradiated and non-irradiated) and Nylon. By combining both competitive pricing with innovative products which are enhanced by a commitment to service that is without equal, STAR continued in its growth while maintaining its dedication to research and development.

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