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Teflon Inks are pigmented forms of Teflon suspended in water.  They are generally used for spiral striping of Teflon insulated wire.  Pigments used in these inks are inorganic and are extremely heat-resistant (in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit).  There is a minimum of color change between the ink as supplied and after sintering.  They will readily wet Teflon substrates to produce a clean, sharp stripe.

Teflon inks are available in 10 color and are generaally formulated to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-104.  The inks have excellent adhesion and when properly fused become an integral part of the insulation.


STAR-CURE CAS-170 is a UV curable ink application on fiber optic cable. This product allows color coding of cables for identification of individual fibers. The CAS-170 ink UV cures rapidly to a very smooth, high gloss coating with good transparency and a bright appearance. The ink has excellent adhesion to optical fiber cable with good flexibility, lighfastness and resistance to cracking. Resistance to abrasion, scratching and solvents is excellent.


Water based inks for striping and printing for use on Tefzel, Kynar, Nylon, PVC, PE etc.  These inks exceed all military abrasion and durability requirements and have excellent oil resistance and color retention.  Ten stock as well as custom colors are available..

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