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    With today's changing market on hazardous chemicals and always increasing Sara Title III listing,  new products need to be developed to replace these environmentally dangerous products.  STAR has developed several water-based or hazard chemical replacement products which do not have Sara Title III reporting chemicals in them.  Don't be fooled into using products that are hazardous chemical cover-ups.  Our materials have a proven record of working and are operator friendly.  Several products are free of SARA Title III ingredients and are NON-HAP listed.

Recently Introduced New Products...

RFU SILICONE LACQUER: a newly developed water reducible silicone coating with a service temperature range in excess of 538 degrees Celsius (1000 degrees Fahrenheit).  RFU Silicone Lacquer is a direct replacement for Organic Solvent high temperature silicone resins and varnishes. It is both environmentally and ecologically friendly.

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