Brand No.1815
Solids - 25 plus or minus 2%
Weight per gallon - 7.0 lbs
Specification Approval - MI -W-5086


Nylon lacquer are noted for excellent toughness and abrasion resistance.They have good chemical resistance and films of nylon show superior cold bend characteristics.They have relatively good heat-resistance. Nylon lacquer coatings are primarily used on military air craft wire over glass braid on ML-W-5086, and as adhesives for glass under nylon extrusions. 1815 is also an excellent lacquer for rayon and nylon braids.

In addition to its use on military aircraft wire, 1815 has also been used successfully on silicone rubber motor lead wire.


Nylon lacquer 1815 is supplied in gel form which must be pre-melted at a temperature of160oF before use. The lacquer is then applied at a temperature of 110o + 5oF in heated applicator pots. The pots should be indirectly heated with either hot water, oil, etc. The lacquer may then be handled under normal procedure of application and drying.


Nylon lacquer 1815 deposists exceptionally clear, tough, abrasion and chemical resistant films. Unlike most nylon lacquer, there is no water present in the lacquer solvent. The absence of water insures good retention of insulation resistance properties which would normally be impaired due to entrapped moisture. Lack of water in the solvent also speeds up drying time, application speed and insures against corrosion of the applicating equipment.

Variations of 1815 are available to meet customer requirements


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