A unique Fluorinated Ester used as a release coating under the insulation to
effect stripping. 189-c-10 was developed to replace a similar product which contained a
CFC carrier. CFC's are classified as ozone depleting substance and are currently finding
disfavor in the market place. 189-c-10 contains only water and can be thinned with tap
water if desired.

This release coating has excellent resistance to heat, making it a very good
product to use in the manufacturing of coil-cords where Vydex once was used. It is also
used during the baking cycle where heat is applied and no blocking is wanted.

Other Areas Of Usage:

189-c-10 has been used in th wire industries for the past several years and that it
has generated some very good usage other than stated in the description above. Some of
these usages are as follows:

  • Coating for the increase of print and stripe durability.
  • Coating for easier poly-mold removal.
  • Coating for increase strippability between insulation surfaces.
  • Coating to release blocking of twined components.

Another area of use is in the automotive market where 189-c-10 applied over
the IRS conductive coating.


189-C-10 may be used for making coated or impregnated products. Conventional
flow or dip techniques may be employed. The 189-C-10 resin particles can be
consolidated by heat into a coherent coating or left as particles to impregnate the finished product.

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