Mica substitute is a liquid elastomeric water coating that forms a non-blocking film over the insulation. It replaces dry powders such as Mica and talc that are dusted on surfaces to prevent blocking. Powders are classified as dust nuisances and also cause accidents when spilled on the floor.

Unlike a competitive anti-blocking product, a soap solution that causes blistering, Mica Substitute will not behave in the same manner. It is a true film former that encapsulates the insulation and will prevent sticking inside the jacket, the CV line or other areas of blocking concern.

Various insulations that Mica Substitute has been used on are PVC to PVE, Hypalon, Crosslink, TPR and CPE. It is also used as a bond separator between Hypalon and XLPE in the mold during the baking cycle.

Mica Substitute must form a film before reaching the take up reel. Surface temperature should reach 212oF to initiate the cure process. On twisted constructions it is suggested that the singles be protected with Mica Substitute prior to twisting.

Solids - 30%

Weight per gallon - 8.5 pounds

Viscosity - 200-400cps

Clean Up - tap water prior to set up

Storage - Prevent from freezing. Store between 40-90oF.

Shelf Life - Six months in unopened containers.

Pump Recommendations: Use a soft impeller (flexible) pump available through McMaster Carr. Add a by-pass to ensure that it pumps at full pressure.