XLFR Crosslinked Polyethylene color coatings are formulated to provide the following charactersitics when properly applied:
1. Full color circuit indentification using cardfully selected pigments which are heat and light stable.
2. Excellent flame retardance when subjected to standard UL horizontal flame test. This flame retardance is sufficient to meet UL requirement on Crosslinked Polyethylene compounds containing high and low carbon loadings. Tests on circuit size conductors as small as #20 AWG have been found to be excellent.
3. Good adhesion - properly applied these coatings have good adhesion to Crosslinked Polyethylene and are highly resistant to abrasion.


Crosslinked Polyethylene Coatings are rapid drying paints applies by passing wire through an applicating pot or tank containing the coating. The proper film is deposited by removing the excess paint with a rubber pot nipple. The coating is supplied at high solids and viscosity designed to provide maximum coverage and hiding at good applicating speed.

Hiding power is dependent on the substrate color. When processing over black insulation, it will be necessary to apply two coats, particularly when using colors such as white or yellow.

When applying double coat, the coating may be thinned. Thinning should be done with our T-191 thinner, which is a flash drying solvent mixture known to promote adhesion when in contact with hot polyethylene.

It is strongly recommended that wire insulation be hot when the coating is applied. This enhances rapid drying, coating, wettability and adhesion. The use of a ribbon burner accomplises the desired effect by promoting sufficient surface heat without excessive thermal build-up in the wire.


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