FIBERCOLOR vehicle sizing solutions are used for imparting color to protective braids used over individual conductors in lieu of braiding colored yarns. FIBERCOLOR may be used for coloring glass, rayon, cotton, nylon and dacron. Use of the FIBERCOLOR system involves a considerable cost saving, particularly on glass, provides a great deal of flexibility in production and eliminates the costly inventories of yarns.


Suggested method for applying FIBERCOLOR is at the finishing operation or lacquer tower. This eliminates the need for extra operation. When a lacquer tower is available, the FIBERCOLOR solution is applied as the first pass in the tower. This may be done by baffling the pot or by providing a very simple external applicator. It is suggested that a medium tight wipe be used for even depostion of color. The vehicle sizing solution may also be applied in horizontal application or at the braider by means of a small applicator.

Where possible, heat should be used to dry the solution, particularly if clear lacquer is to be subsequently applied. This will tend to decrease the tendency for bleeding to a minimum. FIBERCOLOR dries rapidly and may be handled similarly to a braid saturant.


FIBERCOLOR solutions provide brillant colors to all commonly used braid yarns. They are light-fast and reduce bleeding of colors into the lacquers particularly on glass. Color retentivity tests under heat show rentention of color distinction up to 350oF for prolonged periods of time. They are easily at the finishing operation and dry quickly.

Available colors: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Violet, Tan, Brown, Gray and Black.


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