Series 71 ink is designed as a marking material for Polyethylene, Neoprene, Hypalon and Mylar electrical wire insulation and cable jackets. It is available in all colors for use in printing or spiral striping. Colors meet the requirements of MIL-STD-104 and RETMA STD-GEN-101A.

These inks are formulated for use in either spiral striping or engraved wheel printers, and should be thinned in the appropriate ratios for the equipment to be used in either operation. The ink has excellent shelf stability and requires no pre-conditioning.


71 Ink may be applied in spiral striping or engraved wheel printing equipment. It has been found by experience that adhesion is improved when polyethylene is flame treated prior to marking. For spiral striping the ink should be dried in a vertical tower using mild heat (150o-175oF) with good air flow. If the wire is too hot the thermo-plasticity of the ink may cause a tendency to stick on sheaves or on the take-up reel. The surface tube marked should be as clean as possible to promote the maximum adhesion.

Thinner ratio for striping should be approximately 1 : 1 and for printing 3 : 1. The ink shows very good resistance to pigment separation in spiral striping apparatus.


Series 71 Inks, when properly applied, have excellent adhesion to standard polyethylene, irradiated polyethylene and chemically crosslinked polyethylene, neoprene, hypalon and mylar. They are extremely rub-resistant and have a good degree on abrasion resistance. It has been found that adhesion and abrasion resistance are some what improved 24 to 48 hours after application.

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