These inks are pigmented forms of PTFE suspended in water. They are generally used for printing or spiral striping of Teflon insulated wire. Pigments used in these inks are inorganic and are extremely heat-resistant (in excess of 1000oF). There is a minimum of color change between the ink as supplied and after sintering. They will readily wet Teflon substrates to produce a clean, sharp stripe or print.

PTFE inks are available in 10 colors and are generally formulated to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-104. The inks have excellent adhesion and when properly fused become an integral part of the insulation.

APPLICATION - Specify use (print or stripe) Prior to Procurement.
PTFE Inks must be fused or sintered and are most commonly applied in spiral striping apparatus in conjunction with a high temperature tower for fusion of the ink to the Teflon. Fusion comes at a minimum temperature of 675-750oF. However, it is recommended that the tower temperatures be in the range of 800-1000oF for proper processing speeds.


Speed of the fusion is related to both temperature and the thickness of the ink deposited. It is, therefore, recommended tha tht thinnist possible film be deposited at the highest practical temperature for good processing efficiency. Thinning ratios will be dependent on experience and user's preference under varing conditions. It is possible to use the ink as received but this results in the deposit of heavier films, which tend to fuse at a slower rate. Slight additions of distilled water in the range of 5-10% are recommended for optimum striping efficiency.

Use as received

This ink is the same as that described above except fot he ink vehicle, which is a suspensoid of FEP. This allows for a fusion temperature of approximately 200oF lower than that for PTFE. MEETS MILITARY SPECIFICATION MIL-22759-11.

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