Brand No. 176-c198


Supertherm Coating is a highly flourinated resinous lacquer operable in the Class H temperature range, designed for use on glass braided or Dacron braided wires having high temperature resisting insulation. This coating has found a principle use in impregnating Dacron braided aircraft harnesses containing Teflon Insulated Conductor. Supertherm Coatings are also suitable for use on aircraft wire specifications such as MIL-W-8777A. It may be used as a protective lacquer over other substrates to utilize its heat and chemical resistant properties.


Supertherm Coatings may be handled in conventional procedures and force dried at temperatures of 130-170o F. This is an air dry material requiring no fusion or high temperature cure.


Supertherm coating exhibits exceptional thremal stability to 200o C and chemical inertness (resisting strong acids, alkalis, gases, and oxidants, aircraft fuels, oils, alchohols, and many other corrosive chemicals.) It has practically zero moisture absorbtion, extremely low gas permeability, excellent dielectric properties and cold bend resistance to -300o F. These coatings may be marked by conventioal methods.

Other forms of Supertherm Coatings with regards to solids, viscosity, and solvent combinations are also available for custom type application.

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