These coatings have been designed for use in submarine potable water applications. The ingredients comply with the NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION requirements for heavy metal content and toxic emissions. They are compounded of the highest purity and chemical inertness for submerged potable water applications. They are suitable for use on waterproof submarine elastomeric materials such as Neoprene and Hypalon. They are high viscosity, high solids materials formulated so that they may be applied by dip and wipe coating. Available colors are: Yellow, Red and Green.


These Color coatings may be applied very simply by passing the wire through a small tank or pipe tee fitted with a rear seal and out through a flexible rubber wipe or pot nipple. The wire itself need not be treated or pre-warmed prior to application as the color coating is formulated for cold application and is extremely fast drying. Speed of application is dependent on the length of the application line. The material may be applied vertically or horizontally and dries rapidly with or without the aid of heat. Viscosity as supplied is ready for use.

Application of one coat is all that is necessary to obtain excellent color coverage, except when painting light colors over black. This necessitates two coats applied in tandem. Heavy films are not recommended as this will usually destroy adhesion and affect flexibility. The coating dries to an extremely dry surface and blocking on the take-up reel is almost non-existent under proper application conditions.

Cleanliness of the wire is extremely important with regard to adhesion and permanence of the coating. It is recommended that the wire be free of dust, dirt, wax, etc; and if these conditions exist, the wire should be solvent washed with toluol or RAPID STAR SOLVE prior to paint application.

The coating, after application, has a dry, flat finish and care should be taken to apply a minimum coating thickness in order to provide maximum adhesion. Paraffin wax may be applied over the coating in the normal fashion to provide a low friction, non-blocking surface and to bring up the sheen of the coating.


NSF Elastomeric coatings are tough, flexible materials having maximum adhesion. They are highly resistant to the deteriorating effects of ozone, oxygen, weather, heat, oil, and chemicals. They resist discoloration on exposure to light. Hiding power is exceptionally good so the one coat is usually sufficient. The color coatings are fast drying and may be processed at high speed. Use of outside color coating also means that the physical properties of the underlying Neoprene will not be reduced by use of pigments and exclusion of reinforcing blacks.

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