Acts as a release agent between singles and prevents the dry printing ink to be transferred to adjacent singles. It is used in the final processing stages when the wire is reeled on the spools. The antitransfer agent is applied by a felt pad or sponge wipe, 10 to 15 feet before the wire is reeled on the spool. Only a very small amount is needed. It can be used on practically all types of wire insulations both thermoplastic and thermoset.

This agent is a unique polymeric emulsion, with good stablilty properties; it forms a thin film, which is an effective parting and antitransfer agent. The film is durable, noncarbonizing and heat stable. Can be used in many wire appications where there is a sticking problem or any problem of adhering to another surface.

Color Wet White, Dry Clear
Specific Gravity .995
at 77o F (22oC) CTM0001A
Solvent Water
Flash Point >200o
closed cup, CTM0021A, oF
Viscosity @ 77oF CTM004 10-100 cST
Shelf Life 12 months
Stir well before use.

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