Standard Technical Applied Resources, Inc.

A Company for Today,
Tomorrow and the Future

    The earliest history of STAR can be traced back to 1843 with the founding of Standard Tech Chemical Company as a producer of chemical protective and decorative coatings.  In 1961, Standard Tech Chemical Company was sold to Montgomery Ward, Inc. and the acquired by Mobil Corporation in 1978.  Finally, in 1987, Standard T. Chemical became Standard Technical Applied Resources, Inc. (STAR) and came under its current ownership.

    With the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 and its ever widening role in society, combined with today's current environmental and industrial concerns, serves as a testimony to the validity of research being provided in STAR's laboratories.

    The history of chemical invention and discovery is notable for one common thread: the vision to take what exists and to see where it will take us tomorrow.  STAR is built upon a solid customer base notable for longevity, satisfaction and continuous product need that now spans two centuries.  STAR has successfully set the stage for entering the next century with limitless avenues of product growth. Moreover, STAR will accurately meet the changing needs of the marketplace while securing an even larger customer base as new industries emerge.

    For the present, STAR sees numerous opportunities in some of the industries where it already has products serving.  The increased environmental regulation and product content stipulations facing the paint and coating industry will call for many new products.  STAR's proven track record and expertise will prove beneficial for future product development.  Environmentally sound coating, as natural outgrowth of the industry's increased sensitivity, is already being met by the visions of STAR's research.

    The fiber optics field will be of increasing importance for a broad spectrum of industries in the not-too-distant future.  Recent developments by Bell Laboratories may lead to a future generation of super computers driven not by semiconductors, but by light through fiber optics.

    Each of these proprietary developments listed meets a particular shift in market demands for advanced technology.  STAR welcomes the challenge in meeting these demands.

Meet the President...

    Carmine A. Spatola, president and owner of Standard Technical Applied Resources (STAR)  resides in Staten Island, NY with his wife and two children.  He is a graduate of the City University of New York with a degree in chemistry and he holds a Certificate of Achievement in Coating Technology from New York University.  Formerly with Lehman Brothers, Inc. (Ox-Line), a division of Seneca Foods where he served as Chief Chemist and Technical Director, Mr. Spatola's prior experience includes serving as:

* Technical Director, Paragon Coatings,  Long Island City, NY
* Vice-President & Technical Director, Krisler Chemicals & Coatings, Brooklyn, NY
* Chemist, Debevoise Company (a division of Seagrave Corp.), Brooklyn, NY.

    He has brought thirty years of cumulative experience in the coatings industry and has successfully introduced and seen to fruition several noteworthy accomplishments:

1). Worked as a liaison with the E.P.A. Office of Toxic Substances and the Batelle Labs in Columbus, Ohio in the Asbestos Abatement Program in the development and approval of a system for both removal and encapsulation of asbestos.
2). Developed a water-borne system for the suitable replacement of asphalt roofing compounds, thereby eliminating the carcinogenic and environmental hazards associated with such applications.
3). Served as a Technical Committee Chairman for Color Guild Associates, Inc., a forty-two member International Consortium of Coatings Manufacturers who have combined their resources collectively for purposes of raw material evaluation, research and development, and central purchasing.
4). Holds the U.S. Letters Patent #3600346, and former Licenser to N.Y. Bronze Company (Elizabeth, NJ), manufactures of "ONE-STROKE" Woodgraining System, with product sales exceeding $30 million.

    Additionally, Mr. Spatola has served as a Technical Consultant to the following firms:

1). E-Z-EM Company, Westbury, NY: a public company specializing in barium radioactive and liquid crystal thermographic diagnostic aids.
2). Impact Chemical Company, Patterson, NJ
3). Nicholson Company, East Brunswick, NJ
4). Coastal Warehouses, Inc. Hazardous Materials Division, Brooklyn, NY
5). Cordovan Steel Corp., Caracas, Venezuela
6). The Government of India.

    Currently, Mr. Spatola serves as Chairman of Liquid Sciences Inc. Linden, N.J. and as Chief Executive Officer of Standard Technical Applied Resources, Newark, New Jersey. He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the New York Society for Coatings Technology Inc. and serves on the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan New York Paint and Coating Association.

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