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STAR 189-C
A driect plug in for VYDAX/KRYTOX* with a greatly reduced cost. This Fluorotelomer is dispersed in water and is used either on the conductor for strip force control or as a release agent between PVC over PVC, PE over PE, etc... (thermoplastic/thermoplastic systems). Guaranteed not to blister between extrusion layers.

189-C Series is available in three stock strengths and can be formulated to any strength required. Areas of usage includes coatings for durability of paint and stripe, poly-mold removal, blocking abatement on twists, etc...

Unlike VYDAX/KRYTOX* Solvent grades, there are not listed exposure limit to frht 189-C Series. This lends itself to greater safety in the workplace.

* DuPont Trademark


A film forming water reducible release coating for application to thermoplastic surfaces that block.

Mica Substitute was devloped to replace talcs, Micas and papers that prevent sticking. Powders are OSHA classified as dust nuisances both on the wire and during application. Current use is on PVC over PVC, twisted bunches, uncured rubber prior to curing and other vulnerable insulations.


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